Mary Harvin Senior Center

On the one-year anniversary of the Baltimore unrest that burned down a partially completed Mary Harvin Transformation Center, the grand openning of Mary Harvin took place in East Baltimore. This tremendous project, an incredible achievement where R&C represented longtime client the Woda Group, truly overcame tremendous obstacles. After R&C assisted the Woda Group in coming up with an innovative finnancing strucure where the Woda Group codeveloped the property with the Southern Baptist Church, construction was well way under way when protests and unrest came to Baltimore in April 2016 following the funeral of Freddie Gray, who died in police custody. During this unrest, the partially completed building was burned and much of the construction progress, including elevator shafts, concrete slabs, and all framing was lost. Following this unfortunate event, R&C assisted the Woda Group with legal matters which arose as the project tried to get back on schedule. With much determination, the Woda Group and its partnters finished construction a mere year after the fire. Through the efforts of many stakeholders in the Baltimore community and beyond, Mary Harvin, which includes 61 units of Senior Housing with community space, is likely to remain a proud part of the fabric of East Baltimore's community for years to come.